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Deleted files recovery is a very powerful file recovery software that can scan the Recycle bin and recover deleted files. It is not only designed for Windows OS systems. It is also compatible with Apple computers. After scanning the Recycle bin, users can easily preview the recovered files to avoid any possible overwrites of the existing files on your hard drive. Reimage Plus is a powerful PC tool that can recover deleted files from local and removable media. It uses innovative file system technology to recover files that may be unintentionally deleted or lost due to system crash, virus damage, power outage, and other common causes of file loss. You can scan a single or multiple disks or partitions for recover files that are accidentally deleted or lost.Q: Change current UIView when click the other view I'm trying to implement a 3-view following the zigzag manner as below: First: (background:white) Second: (background:red) Third: (background:blue) Fourth: (background:black) Fifth: (background:yellow) The result is that the current UIView is always changing to red at the end, it seems that the background is random. The order of the views will be red, blue, yellow, black and white in order. I have already done it without changing the background of the fourth view (black). My question is that: how to change the current view in this case. FirstViewController.m - (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. [self setUpViews]; } -(void)setUpViews { // First, configure the views. //




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